February 6, 2016

Ukulele V7-I Progression

Chords don't exist in a vacuum. They usually lead to other chords. For example G7 often moves to C, F7 moves to Bb, E7 moves to A. These are all examples of major 7th chords acting as the the 'dominant' chord, aka V7, moving to the I major chord (that's Roman numeral I). Some I chords are easier to reach than others. Here are the closest I major chord to the dominant chords we just found in the previous post. The diamond heads indicate the location of the chord roots.

Start out by playing these progressions anywhere on the fretboard. But if you paid attention to where the roots are located, you can easily start using these progressions in songs you already know. For example, if a song calls for D7, find the closest D note on the fretboard and play the 7th chord that has its root on that D.

Up next, add a IV to this progression.

Chord diagrams generated by <uke-chord>